Everything about SFeraKORon

What is SFeraKORon?

In these troubled times when all large gatherings are canceled and forgotten, don’t panic.

In exchange for SFeraKon, that got postponed because of you-know-what, we give you SFeraKORon, the on-line SFeraKon, that will be held on dates the original convention should have been held: from May 8th to 10th 2020 on FacebookDiscord and Boardgame Arena.

Oh, yes… SFeraKon is still on, we moved it to autumn!

Who organizes SFeraKORon?

SFeraKORon is organized and powered by  SFera Science Fiction Society from Zagreb. SFera was founded in Zagreb, in year 1976. and is active since, as non-profit volunteer cultural organization. It is active in Zagreb and Croatia, with significant international bouts. In 2016. SFera celebrated 40 years of continuous work and after all those years there is still a first; an online convention.

How to join SFeraKORon?

On this page you will find the key information and links to all elements of the convention.

We will do our best to keep everything current and updated as soon as possible, and we plan to be available on Discord for all questions.

SFeraKORon is happening on several platforms and it may seem complicated to follow everything at first, but it is actually very simple.



The programme of ALL events is here (*click*)

Most of the programme is in Croatian, but there is some in English, and we have also prepared #caffe-internationalle on Discord for all international members.

The description of programme items is here (*click*)


The main part of the programme – talks – is viewed through Facebook Watch Party at the SFeraKon FB page (*click*).


The rest of the programme may be accessed through the SFeraKORon Discord server (*click*).

Immediately after all the talks on Facebook Watch Party it will be possible to discuss them on the #post-chat-q-and-a Discord channel with the other con goers (and sometimes sometimes the lecturers, as well). Questions and comments should be typed into the channel and the lecturer will respond through the corresponding voice channel.

Socialising channels are also available, both voice and text and in case of overcrowding or server overload, we will try and activate more servers.

Boardgame Arena

Gameroom is hosted on Boardgame Arena, with communication via Discord. There are some rules to ensure everybody enjoy the experience:

  • Know the rules of the game in advance; recommended instructional video to learn the game can be found on the Gameroom Discord channels.
  • To play any or all the games you’ll need an account on Boardgame Arena.
  • Check in at the appropriate Discord channel at least half an hour before the game with your Boardgame Arena profile name.
  • Log In to Boardgame Arena at least 10 minutes before the game.

Gameroom is powered by F&ST Society from Split.


We will try to upload recorded programme to the YouTube channel of SFera (*click*).

Don’t let it be the only source of SFeraKORon. The purpose of the convention is mingling and socialising!