Exclusively at SFeraKon 2023!

International Cosplay Championship Cup Finals

The ICCC is back and this time, the finals are being held at home – on SFeraKon!

You will be able to see the crème de la crème of central european cosplay scene and the winners at their respective conventions as finalists competing for the grand prize. See their costumes that took hundreds of hours of dedication and work and enjoy their creative performances on stage. For this taste of excellence, all you have to do is come to SFeraKon on Saturday at 16:30 and find a spot in our D1 room. We expect a crowd!

To all the finalists we wish the best of luck!



Quee as Tiny Tina

Quee is a Slovak cosplayer, who has been creating cosplay for 10 years now. She loves presenting her characters on stage and if there’s no place for it, she likes to do it in the form of photos. She enjoys craft and sewing parts equally and she loves to experiment and try new techniques.
Over years of cosplaying she won and placed in quite a few cosplay competitions in Slovakia and Czechia, and represented Slovakia at Cosplay Central Crown Championships 2023, Cosplay World Masters 2018 and International Cosplay Champions Cup 2018,2019 and selected also for 2022. She had a chance to judge 2 local competitions, being online judge for E2C finals and she loves being part of the creative cosplay community and to share her passions with like-minded people.
Cosplay motto: If it looks stupid, but it works, it ain’t stupid!



Ludmilla as Triss Merigold

Hello everybody! My name is Ludmilla and I live in the magnificent Hungary. I started cosplaying 11 years ago for fun and my first cosplay was Kagome from Inuyasha. I just bought some second hand clothes and modified them to look like the character’s clothes. It gave me so much joy so cosplay is moved into my heart really fast.
With smaller – bigger breaks I countinued my cosplay journey. I tried almost every materials what I can use for cosplays and I started to try myself in competitions. From 2019 was the year when I decided I would like to do cosplays really seriously. My first serious competition cosplay was the Mandalorian Armorer with I learned more from  EVA foam, what is still one of my number one armor making material. Year by year passed and I developed a lot of new skills like patternmaking, sewing, fabric paint, embroidery or – what was my demon – using worbla. The train doesn’t stop here, cause the last  year I started to learn 3D modelling and 3D printing, what knowledges I actively use in my upcoming projects.
Details are my jem. I love the rich detailed, fully decorated cosplays. I love to put every little thing in my cosplay what nobody will notice. One of my dream cosplay is a really amazing World of Warcraft cosplay what I can’t wait to start one day.
Nagy Ludmilla



Tori as Aqua

Hi, I am Tori and I am cosplayer since 2012. I am mostly creating costumes from anime and games. I like to sew and work on wigs. I enjoy roleplaying my favorite characters and bring them to life. I’ve won or placed in few smaller competitions, but it’s my first time representing and I can’t wait to meet everyone at Sferakon.

Na meji nevidnega


Vid Zdovec as Revenant

Apart from the shoes and the undersuit (which he only slightly modified), Vid made everything himself. The majority of the cosplay is 3D printed, and the parts made from fabrics are sewn by him. The 3D blueprints for the 3D printed components took him 220 hours, sanding and colouring took him 155 hours and sewing took him 54 hours. The designing and resizing of the armour parts started with making a prototype from pepakura so he could get the appropriate size and shape of all the pieces. For some parts, he even made plaster molds which he then scanned to his computer using photogrammetry. All the time combined, he spent 429 hours on this cosplay.


Nagy Ludmilla



Mokko as Cinderella

I am Mokko from Austria, I started to make cosplays when I was 14. At first with the help of my mum, and later I was able to make cosplays by my own. Now I am 28 and half of my life is filled with cosplay, and I am really happy to say that I still love it!

Since 6 years I also do a lot charity work for children with my costumes! And since then, my cosplay closet changed from warriors and Anime to more and more princesses and became more and more sparkly! But I still love a good warrior cosplay .
What I like the most about cosplay is very easy to say, the smiling faces when someone looks at you and sees his/her favourite characters. I found out, that it does not matter how old we are, we are still as happy as the children I visit, when we see our beloved characters come to life, and this is the best part of cosplay for me!



Desdemona as Codex

Jelena is a huge fan of Halloween, makeup and playing dress up.

She has been cosplaying since 2014 when she competed as American McGee’s Alice at Reboot Infogamer and won 3rd place. Since then, she cosplayed (and occasionally won awards at local conventions) as BloodRayne, Maleficent, Hela, Galadriel, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Liv Moore, Abby Sciuto, Jessica Jones, Lydia Deetz, Codex…

She loves creating but her inner perfectionist is rarely completely satisfied with the end result.

Nagy Ludmilla

The jury

  • Mattias Story (Captain Ghostly)
  • Karolina Balsevic (Kraidxkade)
  • Iva Belina