A competition for the best costume play

In addition to the release of a mystery‐themed short story collection, at SFeraKon 2016, SF law enforcement and peacekeeping forces are battling it out against SF criminals and villains as part of our special cosplay category – Cops & Robbers! Whose side will you be on?

Program_CosplayDredd The cosplay categories at SFeraKon 2016 are:

‐ general individual
‐ general group
‐ children
‐ SF Cops & Robbers – individual
‐ SF Cops & Robbers – group

The popular vote as the only competitive option has proven to be inadequate for the ever growing number of people designing and wearing their costumes in Croatia. At SFeraKon 2016, apart from being able to impress the public with their outfits, all costumed competitors will be able to present themselves and their craftsmanship before an expert jury that will judge them based on their successful and independent design (meaning not purchased or commissioned) as well as how well they adapted the costume to themselves, and roleplaying the character, if they choose to do so.

The hosts of the SFeraKon 2016 cosplay event are Iva Belina and Vladivoj Lisica and they’re looking
forward to answering all of your additional questions at kostimi(at)

Details coming soon!

Add SFeraKon to your calendar13/05/2016 19:00 15/05/2016 20:00 Europe/Zagreb SFeraKon 2016 38th Science Fiction Days in Zagreb FER, Unska 3, Zagreb, Croatia DD/MM/YYYY


Pričotrka (i još neke zabavne zavrzlame…)

Pričotrka (i još neke zabavne zavrzlame…)

SF konvencije tradicionalno počivaju na SF književnosti, a kako mi volimo čitati i želimo potaknuti esefično pisanje, organizirali smo jedno neobično natjecanje u pisanju priča.