Predavanja i paneli


The Terry Prattchet After LIFE Panel

Vodi: Milena Benini, Petra Bulić, Tatjana Jambrišak, Mihaela Marija Perković (M), Marko Štengl

He died. We­’ll talk* about his books. And him. We’ll dig in and celebrate him, in our hearts and memories and hopefully in yours, too. Speakers are all WWW** and real world proficient on the subject, so it should be fun. The soul male panelist talks in metaphors for a living. The four female folk ferry books into Croatia(n) for a living. (They get more than two coins for it.) DEATH may or may not appear. All are welcome!

Milena translated some of His books and got to meet him too. (Not in an afterlife, either.) Tanja knows why He never came to SFerakon and she happened to chat with Him at a kaffeklatch. (She still does but that’s a secret). Petra just might be His biggest Croatian fan. (And there is no shutting her up!) Marko has the complete Discworld series. (And likes to hear his own voice way too much.) Mihaela knows stuff you don’t. (Mainly, how to intimidate all the other panelists with volume, so she wil