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Contemporary German-language Science Fiction literature

Vodi: Martin Stricker

German-language science fiction authors are quite active. Unfortunately nearly everything is only published by small press publishers, gaining little recognition by the general audience. Translations into other languages are very rare, making it difficult for readers from other countries to get an impression of contemporary German-language SF. This panel will give you an overview of the scene, highlight important authors and publishers, and point to a list of translations.

Martin Stricker is a science fiction fan since he saw his first episode of Star Trek (the original series, of course) at age 4. His main interest is written SF, especially the areas of hard SF, military SF and first contact stories. He served one term on the board of the Science Fiction Club Deutschland e.V. and is a member of the committe to award the Deutscher Science Fiction Preis (award) since 2000. He works in pharmaceutical research. SF-related homepage (in German only)