Zagreb, 26.-28.4.2013.

Prezentacije, okrugli stolovi i tribine

Program na Kontaktu se održava na hrvatskom i na engleskom jeziku. Jezik kojim su prezentacije i tribine najavljeni odgovara jeziku na kojem će se i održati. Broj iznad naslova označava broj programske točke zbog lakšeg snalaženja u satnici, a slovo jezik na kojem se program održava; H – hrvatski ili E – engleski.

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Kutak za čitanje (Reading corner)

77 - E
Milena Benini
A Child is Born

Milena Benini has been writing only slightly less long than breathing. People seem to like it, too, so she got some awards and was translated into several languages. She writes speculative fiction of all kinds, mostly because she feels that way she can skim on the research part ... or at least research wildly interesting and unusual things.
77 - E
Pierre Gevart
Einstein's Gun

And what if WWI didn't exist? Original title: "Comment les choses se sont vraiment passées", translated by Ian Watson and Sissi Pantelis, for "The Mammoth book of alternate histories" (2010)
Pierre Gevart, editor of the French revue "Galaxies" is also an author of SF. Born in 1952, he graduated in science, and became a high public officer. He is the author of several novels, numerous short stories, several plays. He is a French SF convention organiser, too.
77 - E
Irena Rašeta
Let it Be Green

Irena Rašeta is a science fiction writer, editor, con-runner, journalist and e-magazine publisher. She has published numerous short stories and a story collection Cabron.
77 - E
Iva Šakić Ristić
Dandelion parachutes

This is a story about little fairy and her life on the meadow. Is this life of hers all there is?
Iva Šakić Ristić is a writer published in various Croatian publications. Her work is mainly focused on characters and their personal thoughts leaving main events on borders of their perception as often happens in daily life.
77 - E
Cristian Mihail Teodorescu
Big Bing, Larissa

A short story about a society dominated by female accountants. The fundamental concept replacing space, time, energy, matter in current cosmological is money. This story will appear in Madrid in a few months.
Cristian Mihail Teodorescu (1966) is a Senior Researcher at the National Institute of Materials Physics Bucharest-Magurele. He has won a National Award for Short Stories in 1987. He published two short stories collection SF one(2008) and SF two (2010).
77 - E
Pavle Zelić
Dodiri (Touches)

The story was published in a collection of the stories Apokalipsa, juče danas, sada: priče o smaku sveta (Apocalypse, Yesterday, Today, Now: Stories About the End of the World)
Pavle Zelić is a writer (published stories in magazines; two story collections and a graphic novel), comics and literary critic; editor.
Aleksandar Žiljak
Aleksandar is a Croatian illustrator, SF&F writer and editor, renowned for his convention lectures. He published his stories worldwide.

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