Zagreb, 26.-28.4.2013.

Prezentacije, okrugli stolovi i tribine

Program na Kontaktu se održava na hrvatskom i na engleskom jeziku. Jezik kojim su prezentacije i tribine najavljeni odgovara jeziku na kojem će se i održati. Broj iznad naslova označava broj programske točke zbog lakšeg snalaženja u satnici, a slovo jezik na kojem se program održava; H – hrvatski ili E – engleski.

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56 - H
Board Games
Božo Špoljarić, Ana Rajner

Panel o "igrama na ploči" - sada i ovdje! - tko su ljudi i udruge koje se bave igrama na ploči. Igre na ploči dobivaju sve više poklonika. Tko su ljudi koji ih igraju i kako ih promoviraju.
Sudionici: Sven Nemet, Filip Fučić, Žarko Pintar, Željko Kumer.
Božo Špoljarić i Ana Rajner su višegodišnji članovi fandoma. Aktivni su larperi i koordinatori Sekcije za role-play na Filozofskom fakultetu.

57 - E
Darko Suvin's Poetics of SF
Silvestar Mileta

We shall attempt to polemicize about Suvin’s famous definition (cognitive estrangement, novum), as well as its broader context in the works of this most distinguished SF theoretician. We will also elaborate on the social plausibility, practical usefulness and actuality in Suvin’s theory, as well as its understanding of aesthetics, dealing with fantasy as escapist and the treatment of characters.
Panelists: Nikica Gilić, Tomislav Šakić, Milena Benini
Silvestar Mileta has two master's in Comparative Literature and History with a thesis on the theoretical reception of SF in Croatian humanities. He has published a number of academic works on SF.
58 - E
Moderator Luka Sučić

E-publishing has been a hot subject for a number of years now, but still book lovers will think „death of paper editions“ when they hear the term. But there's a lot more to it! Come and hear authors, editors, agents and publishers discuss the present and the future of e-publishing.
Panelists: Neven Antičević, John Berlyne, Bella Pagan, Dimitri Gluhovsky, Cheryl Morgan, Charles Stross
Luka Sučić is an avid new media entrepreneur with a special interest and experience in digital publishing and trends. He has been following evolution of e-publishing since the beginnings.

59 - E
Eurocon in Zagreb - Quarter of a Century
Moderator Boris Švel

A quarter of century ago, Zagreb hosted Ballcon in 1986. Meet the folks who made it happen!
Boris Švel is the editor of SFera's fanzine Parsek, which won ESFS award at Eurocon 2011.

60 - E
European Intercultural Exchanges
Moderator Cristian Tamas

Romanian SF&F Society SRSFF is promoting the exchange of information, texts, interviews, and ideas between European SF&F scenes on a mutual online publication basis. SRSFF has started this with the translation & publication of Croatian SF writers in Romanian, and continued it with the Hungarians. SRSFF would like to spread this concept to entire Europe.
Panelists: Antuza Genescu, Cristian Tamas, Laurentiu Nistorescu, Cristian Mihail Teodorescu
Cristian Tamas (1959) is a translator and essayist. He is a coordinator at SRSFF, member of ProspectArt SF Club and coordinator of the yearly SRSFF literary colloquiums.

61 - E
Free Online Fiction: Pros and Cons
Moderator Marko Fančović

Should fiction of professional authors be available online for free is still a hot issue. SF authors, editors & agents will share their view of the benefits and the downsides.
Panelists: John Berlyne, Dimitri Gluhovsky, Cheryl Morgan, Bella Pagan, Tim Powers, Charles Stross
62 - E
Fantastic Art - It's Fantastic!
Moderator Pavle Zelić

Since the publication of the first pulp novels, cover illustration was essential part of the success of each book. But the background of the fantastic art is much wider, and this panel will try to address the famous artists that paved way for the Frazzetta, Vallejo, Giger and Moebius. We will try to point out conventions and the artist who created and broke them, and finally, give insight in the process of the producing such art.
Panelists: Milivoj Ćeran, Nela Dunato, Bella Pagan, Aleksandar Žiljak
Pavle Zelić is a writer (published stories in magazines; story collection Poslednja velika avantura; graphic novel Družina Dardaneli), comics and literary critic; editor.

63 - E
Graphic Novels in the South East Europe
Moderator Pavle Zelić

What are the most important and influential SF&F comic books and graphic novels in the South East Europe. Who are the relevant authors and how is their reception in the world? What was the situation in the "golden age" and how are things now? Finally, what are the perspectives?
Panelists: Darko Macan, Marko Šunjić, Matko Vladanović
64 - E
European Hard Science Fiction
Moderator Cristian Mihail Teodorescu

Is hard SF a European invention? From Jules Verne to Arthur C. Clarke via Stephen Baxter, Alastair Reynolds, Charles Stross, Paul McAuley, Peter F. Hamilton, Ken MacLeod and Justina Robson. Hard SF has been present as a subgenre within European SF since Jules Verne and had succeeded to be relevant and innovative.
Panelists: Cristian Tamas, Antuza Genescu, Laurentiu Nistorescu
Cristian Mihail Teodorescu (1966) is a Romanian SF writer and essayist. He has been an SF fan since 1982 and is curently the President of SRSFF (Romanian SF&F Society).

65 - E
How to run Eurocons
Dave Lally

How to run a Eurocon is a panel where you can come tells us what you liked, what you hated and what you wish we would have done. (So we can promptly hand you over to the Ukrainians).
Panelists: Petra Bulić, Irena Rašeta, Borys Sydiuk
Dave Lally is the Chairman of the European Science Fiction Society, which helps organize the Eurocon. He has a special interest in SF TV and is a fanatic for the 1967 TV show The Prisoner as well as the 1973 Film The Wicker Man. He was SFeraKon 2011 GoH
67 - E
Regional Science Fiction - Where are We Going?
Boris Švel

A panel discussion on the regional science fiction, from Adriatic to Black Sea
SF u regiji (predstavljanje zbirki i fanzina izdanih nakon prošle konvencije, Smak, Istrakonska, Eridan)
68 - E
Steampunk in Literature
Moderator Milena Benini

In the last few years, steampunk's popularity has grown, and it even branched out in other genres. It has also attracted criticism: is it just colonial nostalgia, goths discovering brown, or sticking clockwork on random objects? Is the "punk" part important or irrelevant? Is there only one true steampunk? And are there steampunk girl cooties?
Panelists: Tim Powers, Charles Stross, Ivana Delač, Vlatko Jurić-Kokić
69 - E
Translating SF
Moderator Tatjana Jambrišak

The wonderful worlds of SF and fantasy are lovely to experience but can be quite a nightmare to translate. This panel takes a look at the challenges faced by translators in Europe when translating SF authors such as Terry Pratchett, China Mieville and others.
Panelists: Antuza Genescu (Romania), Piotr Cholewa (Poland), Borys Sydiuk (Ukraine)
Tatjana Jambrišak is an award winning SF author and translator. She translated, among others, Brian Aldiss, Christopher Priest, Cory Doctorow and Cormac McCarthy. She translates crisscross between English, German and Croatian.
70 - E
Moderator Vatko Jurić-Kokić

April 20th 2012 marked 100 years since Bram Stoker's death. Tim Powers wrote the best vampire novel ever. And his new novel Hide Me Among the Graves is a sequel to it. And then there's the Istrian vampire Jure Grando who was allegedly the real inspiration for Stoker's Dracula. Benini has won a SFERA for a vampire essay. Vampires clearly cannot be avoided.
Panelists: Tim Powers, Milena Benini, Davor Šišović
Vlatko Jurić-Kokić, the former president of SFera, has is avid reader of speculative fiction, and, to put it bluntly, he knows a thing or five about the vampires.
71 - H
Vizija larp-a u Hrvatskoj
Božo Špoljarić, Ana Rajner

Postoji li strategija LARP-a u Hrvatskoj? Razmišljamo li samo o narednoj sezoni ili se usudimo zaviriti i dalje od toga. Sudionici: Miroslav Wranka, Ivan Žalac, Ivo Turk, Sven Nemet, Andrej Štefan.

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