Zagreb, 26.-28.4.2013.


Predavanja na Kontaktu se održavaju na hrvatskom i na engleskom jeziku. Jezik kojim je predavanje najavljeno odgovara jeziku na kojem će se i održati. Broj iznad naslova označava broj programske točke zbog lakšeg snalaženja u satnici, a slovo jezik na kojem se program održava; H – hrvatski ili E – engleski.

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15 - E

Milena Benini
The first female Gandalf winner, Grande Dame of Science Fiction and entry-drug for many, Andre Norton remains one of the most beloved SF authors of all times. This is a short look at her life and work, as well as the rich legacy she left behind.
Milena Benini has been author, translator and general busybody in the speculative fiction field for more years than she cares to remember. Along the way, she won several awards for her work, and became a familiar sight at most local conventions. Her interests include genre literature of all kinds, feminism and politics.
16 - H

Ratko Martinović
Godina 2012. je kroz posljednjih par desetljeća postala čvrst temelj za brojne teorije i znanstvena proučavanja. Koliko je sve zapravo dokazima utemeljeno i postoje li naznake da će se 21-12-2012 dogoditi nekakav događaj koji će označiti velike promjene? Hoće li taj događaj predstavljati transformaciju svijesti ili niz katastrofa?
Ratko Martinović je urednik web stranice i pisac knjige "Svjetske misterije i tajne". Istraživač je rubnih područja znanosti, kao i drevnih civilizacija i teorija zavjere.
17 - E, H

Ines Dominić i Branka Petanjek
Everything you wanted to know about Aliens from the homonimpos movie. Bilingual. / Predavanje o bićima iz filma Alien. Biologija vrste, s osvrtom na faze razvoja i biološko objašnjenje s teorijem za svaku od navedenih. Predavanje je dvojezično.
Ines Dominić, studentica molekularne biologije i velika ljubiteljica SF-a. Studentica Branka Petanjek ljubiteljica je primarno fantasyija, no nema ništa protiv dobrog SF-a.
18 - E

Ana Rajner
Voodoo zombies and their path into pop culture. / Voodoo zombiji i njihov generalni put prema pop-kulturi.
Ana Rajner - antropolog, larper i koordinatoe Sekcije za role play
19 - E

Boris Švel
A seemingly backward monarchy actually blossomed with technical research: from airships and helicopters to hovercrafts and tanks.
Boris Švel is the editor of SFera's fanzine Parsek, which won ESFS award at Eurocon 2011.
20 - E

Davor Horvatić
Vacuum is anything but empty space. So many aspects ranging from cosmology, down to the confinement of quarks and even to the nature of space and time itself, are encoded in the structure of the vacuum. We know that energy contained in the vacuum is incredibly large but there is no conceivable way to extract it. This does not stop various inventors to make zero-point energy devices as energy sources (which are in that sense non-functional).
Davor Horvatić is an assistant professor at the Physics Department of the Zagreb Faculty of Natural Sciences. The main area of his research is quantum chromodynamics (the theory of the strong force) at finite temperature and density of matter.
21 - E

Siniša Miličić
Arnold's LOLCAT map is a mapping of a LOLCAT image onto itself that is among the simplest examples of deterministic chaos. I will show and explain some of the more important aspects of the chaos theory by this very mapping.
Siniša Miličić is a teaching assistant at the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Univesity of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. He does research and teaching in the fields of dynamical systems, differential equations and mathematical modelling.
22 - E

Guest of Honor Darko Macan
Who are the top names in Croatian SF in the opinion of their (opinionated) colleague. A chalk-talk with gossip, backhanded compliments and occasional insults. Also the rather unsual launch ofKontakt, an anthology of current Croatian SF authors in English.
23 - E

Dalibor Perković
A spectre is haunting the galaxy - the spectre of anarchocommunism. A short course about how space opera emerged from the genre of the "Socially Backward Future", came to the verge of collapse and then gathered the strength to make that decisive step forward!
Writer, educational extremist, a wannabe revolutionary, SFera's internet enfant terrible and a self-proclaimed controversial person. He published one space opera and a collection of stories that sometimes border with politics but are mostly drenched in it.
24 - E

John Berlyne and Bella Pagan
If you have ever wondered exactly what it is that agents and editors actually do, or have specific questions about how a manuscript becomes a book on a book store shelf, John Berlyne and Bella Pagan will attempt to shed some light on the subject.
John Berlyne is a partner at the Zeno Agency, one of the leading London literary agencies. Client's include Charlaine Harris, Ian McDonald, William Gibson, Justina Robson, Elizabeth Moon and Tim Powers.
Bella Pagan is Senior Commissioning Editor at Tor UK, Pan Macmillan’s science fiction, fantasy and horror genre imprint. Bella currently looks after authors such as China Miéville, Peter F Hamilton and Amanda Hocking.
25 - E
FUTUROLOGY Samra Koričić
How to prevent "Future shock" and see the future in an intelligent way. If we see SF as a treasure box of ideas and visions, and futurology as a way of thinking, we can analyse different ideas from the past and form new ones. We can play with realistic ideas and possible, recommended solutions for world problems to form our new vision.
Samra Koričić (1976) works at the Bosnian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She wants her PHD thesis to be about futurology, and she is natural born idealist.
26 - E

Korado Korlević
Theories about the end of world in 2012 are based on the alleged predictions in the Mayan callendar, but are actually founded on an incorrect and superficial interpretion published by Daniel Pinchbeck in 1966. Recent interpretations mention the planet Nibiru - for which there is no scientific evidence. Real dangers are supervulcano eruptions, climate changes and biological catastrophes, nuclear wars and asteroids.
Korado Korlević is a hugely popular Croatian astronomer, pedagogue, promoter of science and a prolific discoverer of asteroids. He co-founded the Višnjan School of Astronomy
27 - E

Saša Ceci
Using examples from science and life we will show how to get near the truth by critical thinking. / Na primjerima iz znanosti i života pokazat ćemo kako se primjenom kritičkog mišljenja možemo približiti istini. Upoznati ćemo se i s jednostavnijim formama kritičkog mišljenja - poput znanstvenog pristupa, koji je primjeren već i za osnovnoškolsko obrazovanje. Mnogo zahtjevnija stvar, kao što ćemo vidjeti, je razotkrivanja popularnih mitova.
Saša Ceci is a teoretical physicist working in the Group for hadron spectroscopy at the Institute Ruđer Bošković. / Teorijski fizičar zaposlen u Grupi za hadronsku spektroskopiju na Institutu Ruđer Bošković. Uže područje su mu elementarne čestice.
28 - H

Davor Horvatić
Ono što je san prošlosti postaje mogućnost današnjice, te postaje stvarnost budućnosti. U zadnjih stotinjak godina znanost je doživjela nevjerojatan napredak, posebno tijekom zlatnog doba 1950.-1970. Nakon toga veliki koraci u temeljnoj znanosti postaju sve manji i manji. Predavanje će pokriti potragu za temeljnom teorijom svemira i pokazati čemu se možemo nadati. Hoćemo li ikada zaroniti u svijet kvantne pjene? Davor Horvatić je docent na Zavodu za teorijsku fiziku zagrebačkog PMF-a. Glavno područje njegovog istraživanja je kvantna kromodinamika (teorija jake sile) na konačnim temperaturama i gustoći materije. Bavi se i fizikom kritičnih fenomena, koja ima veliku važnost u modernoj ekonomiji, fiziologiji i seizmologiji.
29 - H

Nikola Poljak

Osnove moderne eksperimentalne fizike - što je detektor, što je čestica i kako se otkrivaju nove čestice. Bit će dan i kratak opis modernih detektorskih postrojenja (CERN, Fermilab) i usporedba snage tih strojeva sa strojevima iz svakodnevne uporabe. Raspravit će se i o prednostima i opasnostima takvih eksperimenata (crne rupe).
Nikola Poljak je postdoktorand eksperimentalne fizike visokih energija na NIKHEF institutu u Amsterdamu. Trenutno se bavi prijedlogom nadogradnje ALICE detektora na CERN-u. Veliki je obožavatelj popularizacije znanosti.

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